the european stress test for nuclear power plants

Decision of the European Council

On March 25th 2011 the European Council declared that 

"the safety of all EU nuclear plants should be reviewed, on the basis of a comprehensive and transparent risk assessment (”Stress test“); the European Nuclear Safety Regulatory Group (ENSREG) and the Commission are invited to develop as soon as possible the scope and modalities of these tests in a coordinated framework in the light of the lessons learned from the accident in Japan …” 2 

Following on from this declaration EU Commissioner Öttinger said that this risk assessment should enable the EU to reassess the safety of the European nuclear power plants and it should serve as a basis even for decisions on the shutting down of unsafe plants.Therefore it should enable the European Union to compare the safety status of European nuclear power plants, at least to a certain degree.

2 European Council, Conclusions 24/25 March 2011

3 Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Energy, Interview “Tageschau”, 15.03.2011